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Intro: Me, Joey, Htay San, Rohani & HuiLing

The famous logo our parents
have to see every year March.

My turn coming soon!

One of my colleague, HuiLing.
Did you suspect something about us? :P

F4 at gallery - IRAS World! :P

Two of us again, oops!

At the lounge.
A place we frequent after lunch.

My Powerpuff pillow!
Welcome to the Powerpuff table :-)

Look like couple hor?
They're not... But anyway, look at the background.
You can see what my office is like.

My new table.
Flowers,Calender,Tissue,Pillow,Blossom,StarWarsII &
Powerpuff Girls VCD Covers,handphone,cup,
basket of snacks and a small yellow table duster.

My Star Wars Posters!
My complete collection of Star Wars II
posters on the wall.

Lunching together at an Indian Restuarant.
All colleagues of my division having a lunch together
treated by our boss.

Xmas Celebration 2002
Click here to see the puke-blood version of the celebration!

Planning Workshop at Deanna's place
Click here to see the award winning members at the workshop!

Our new office at United Square
Almost the same as last time.

Our new pantry.
The nicest place in the office!

The PMO room on the right.
A very classic and modern room.

Colleagues. Wow so cool! :P
Shopping evidence!

A lunch together to celebrate some august and
september babies :)

At United Square - Pabulum. Click here to see another version.

Guess whose Birthday!
The cutest guy in the pic... little pooh? :P

The gals' turn.
Little pooh seems to be losing his shine to those at the back! :P

My Bday - Dinner at Nooch.
Part 1 for the night.

Cheers! At Zee10.
Part 2 of the game.

One last pic before we part!
Actually some already left lah. Hehe.

8 of us on a trip to Kukup.
Organised by IRAS.

At a Kelong!
Wow, the bridge seems to be sinking down!

At a durian farm after visiting Kukup.
*Pinch* Mickey's ear!

Robin and Serene's Wedding.
Oops! We were so engrossed in the beautiful bride and
forgot to include Robin the bridegroom. Hehe!

The couple of the night.
There... Here is Robin!

F4 back in power!
But we were never separated!

Table #2.
2 missing in the pic wor...

Christmas Lightings.
Cute hor? :P

Christmas Lightings 2.
4 fairies descended near Xmas day! :P

A trip to Malacca 27th Dec 2003.
Our stop at a Chinese Restaurant for lunch

Having some fun at night.
We played games and drank till midnight

Dutch Square .
The famous Church in Malacca

Year-end function 2003.
Custom Build Team

Lunar New Year 2004 with colleagues.
A new couple was formed today! :P

Actually this team change leads and members quite
many times. Above are the remaining survivals. ;p

One of our team lunch.
Being in this team was quite fun. We had
team lunch many times.

System Integration Team
A really hectic team!

Accenture Interns
Some interns I worked with in SIT.

Farewell - 13 Sep 2004
Last get-together meal with Kee Huat and Sheila at House of Mao.
Two EAI/EVN members leaving at one go. Both are the
oldest team members I have in this project. Sobs.

D&D 2004
At Suntec Ballroom. As usual, I displayed a more
complete pic here. Juicier pics are kept to myself!

Still D&D
An even more complete picture!

UAT Team at Pulau Ubin!
I thought I won't have a team photo of UAT, but here
it is! Click here for many more photos!

Midnight Lorry Trip for UAT
We rented a lorry and visited many places
at night all the way until morning!
Click here for many more photos!

Farewell for Sebastian
Yet another team member that braved
through the many tough nights with us is leaving.
 Click here for many more photos!

R1 IRIN Appreciation Celebration
A celebration of R1 rollout at Le Meridian Hotel.
Click here for many more photos!

Lup Yuen is leaving our project!
Farewell at Merchant Court.

Goodbye Alex.
This time Alex is really leaving.
Click here for many more photos.

Goodbye Janice, Happy B-day Andy.
Janice's turn to leave, and Andy's birthday
on the same day
. IVOC.NET team by the way.
Click here for many more photos.

BBQ at Mrs Goh-Wan's place.
Celebrating the end of CMTA testing -
the long awaited day for all of us
Click here for many more photos.

Huiling's wedding at Rasa Sentosa.
The youngest gal in F4 has got married!
Click here for many more photos.

KhoKiong is leaving
Simple dinner at Pabulum. It was quickly
followed by Justin's. Haha, all CMTA veterans leaving!

Full attendance! This is the outcast team
that is neither R2 nor R3. Orphan.

From this side
Boss treating for exiting R3.1a S&IT. Reminded me I
was in this blouse & skirt too for the R1 SIT Team some
photos above. I haven't buy clothes for a long time. :P

My boss and AM Team Managers
Free instant photo service after a discussion session

Suzy and Kelvin were not present.
But Roy & Leon from previous TXA Team turned up.

CMTA from another angle
Actually being a teamlead in CMTA is different
from doing everything else. This is what I came across.

CMTA Team and the hamsters
Kelvin - one of the self-proclaimed hamster in CMTA
did not turn up because he has to attend a ROM.
So this pic is a gift for him. ;)

Jeremy's Wedding
All AI/TI members

Jeremy's Wedding
The gals at table 30

Jeremy's Wedding
Meihui, Angeline & ShiHui

Jeremy's Wedding
Wendy, Ser Teck & Sokhodom

Jeremy's Wedding
The AI battlers that found a greener pasture!

Jeremy's Wedding
Guy to take pic of pretty gals while waiting for MRT :P

F4 2006
Joey is leaving us. Found a greener pasture

F4 2006
So did we grow old?

F4 2006
The gal who chose to leave us!

F4 2006
Last pic together at our workplace

Indochine Wisma
First F4 gathering after Joey left! (20 Nov 06)

Indochine Wisma
Me & HL. I always think HL resembles
Winnie the Pooh, still stands. :P

Indochine Wisma
Sansan & Joey (Pap and Mistress)

I love christmas ;)

Sansan & Joey so close

So is me & Huiling!

Zhenmin & Gideon's Bday
The birthday boy & gal (Nov)

Zhenmin & Gideon's Bday
Everyone: Your head is bleeding
Sheila: *bochap* Eat my cake first.

Zhenmin & Gideon's Bday
Group photo

Yee Fang & Suzy's Bday
At United Square Swensens
Click here for many more photos.

F4 2006 X'mas Gift Exchange
Ice Cold Beer
Click here for many more photos.